Export notes to latex/bibtex?

Sorry if this has been asked before: I've created a long note quoting many papers, and want to turn this into an introduction of an article. How do I extract the quoted papers and notes text as a latex file? I can find options to export as markdown but this does not contain the formatted references, only links back to Zotero?
  • If you export as Zotero RDF, everything you need to reconstruct the note in LaTeX is present in the export. It will be a bit of work to do.
  • What kind of work? You mean writing a script?
  • Thanks. That looks indeed like quite a bit of work. Given that this would be most natural way to write a review paper or introduction I hope the Zotero team will come up with a more streamlined process.
  • Zotero isn't a LaTeX-based tool, so this isn't something we're likely to support. It could potentially be something for BBT to support, but you'd have to convince @emilianoeheyns.

    It will likely be possible to export notes with Pandoc-style citations in the future, but we don't have any plans to support LaTeX note export.

    If you just want the items referenced in a note, you can use the plugin's Add Note button in Word or LibreOffice, save the file, use Reference Extractor to select the cited items in Zotero, and export to BibTeX from there.
  • I can give it a stab. It'd be a separate translator, but the plumbing is there in BBT.
  • Thanks, that would be a great feature! I've followed dstillman's suggestion -many thanks for that as well. It worked fine, but of course this way I loose the connections between the text and citations. What would be cool is if the text could be retained and \cite{} commands to the corresponding bibtex be created. But perhaps I'm asking too much!
  • I can't promise anything for the short term, but please open an issue for this on BBTs github project.
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