iPad MacOS Zotero crashes just after start


Could you please help what I should do when the iPad Zotero app crashes immediately after startup?

The report id is 85210110.

Thank you

  • Hi @oplatek,

    When you start the app and get a crash alert, you should see the option to "Copy and Export Database". Can you please choose that, save the files you are presented with and send them to us to support@zotero.org? If they are too big then please upload them somewhere and send us a link.

    Thanks for reporting the issue!
  • Thank you that you look into it. I just sent you the exported database via email.
  • Thanks @oplatek, I downloaded it and got what I need for now. It may take a little while, so if you need to use the app immediately you might have to delete and re-install from App Store for now. If you can wait then I'll try to get back to you asap.

    I'd like to ask some more general questions:
    - Was this a fresh install and the app just started crashing for apparently no reason? Or did it start crashing after app update for example?
    - When did it crash first? Did you just start the app one day and it crashed? Or did you perform some actions when it crashed (and then it kept crashing)?
    - Did anything else/unusual happen which comes to mind?
  • AFAIK the app was installed for a long time. It started crashing without no apparent reason.

    The only trigger I am aware of that may cause the crash is that I was invited to the “Group library” which I accepted through a web interface and successfully have been using on the Mac OS Zotero version. I think I accepted it a day before the app start crashing - I am not sure if I used the iPad app successfully after I joined the shared library.
  • It seems that uninstalling and reinstalling the app seems to do the trick.

    I can use both my Library and the new Group Library.
  • Thanks for additional info @oplatek. I should have enough to debug this and hope it won't happen to you again in future. If it does, please report again and if you need to use the app immediately, re-install will always do the trick.
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