How to enter multiple tags into note in one go


Unless, I'm missing something (which I probably am) I seem to have to enter tags into my stand-alone notes one at a time. If I paste them in one go they all appear as one tag. If I want each tag as a separate tag I have to enter each one separately.

This is unlike when I add a book to Zotero. There I can add all my tags at once by pasting them. Unlike when I try this with stand-alone notes, they all appear as separate tags.

Is there any way I can paste several tags into a stand-alone note and have them recorded as separate tags?

My thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.
  • This should work fine, and does for me. Where are you typing out the notes, how are they formatted, and what's the exact process you're using to get them into Zotero?
  • Thanks for your quick response. I very much appreciate it.

    Let me try and explain with an example.

    1) I create a standalone note
    2) I add some text to the note (enter it directly or paste it)
    3) Now I want to add tags
    4) The tags are: Sex, Polygamy, Marriage, History of, USA, Review
    5) At the bottom of the standalone note are two boxes labeled, 'Related' and 'Tags'
    6) I click the 'Tag' box and then use the paste command (Ctrl V or 'Paste' with my mouse) to copy 'Sex, Polygamy, Marriage, History of, USA, Review' into the tag box.
    7) I now have one tag with the words, 'Sex, Polygamy, Marriage, History of, USA, Review' in it.
    8) The only way I have been able to get six individual tags (one for 'Sex', one for 'Polygamy', etc. is by entering each tag separately. This strikes me as inefficient and time consuming. I would think there is a better way.
    9) This is different from the tags I get when I add an item from the Internet. When I click the 'Save to Zotero' extension the Zotero save box opens. I can then paste my tags (sex, Polygamy, Marriage, History of, USA, Review) into the tag box. Then when I look at the item in Zotero, all my tags (Sex, Polygamy, Marriage, History of, USA, Review) have been saved as individual tags.
    9) So whereas with my standalone tag, I have only one tag, with my item (a book, say) I have six tags).
    10) My assumption is that I would want to have my standalone note tags recorded as six individual tags.
  • Oh, you're comparing this to the Zotero Connector's Save to Zotero popup, not the tags pane for regular (non-note/attachment) items in Zotero. The save popup is just a basic text field meant for quick typing, so it allows you to separate tags with a comma.

    In Zotero itself, if you want to paste in multiple tags, they need to be on separate lines (which allows you to have tags that include commas), and that works the same for regular items and for notes and attachments. If you have a comma-separated list already, you can use find/replace in a text editor to replace the commas with line breaks before pasting.
  • Hi,

    Thanks again for the help. As always I greatly appreciate it.

    I wholly understand it now. I use Excel to manage my tags. So I've now created formulas that add a hard return to multiple tags. I can paste these into stand-alone notes as individual tabs.

    Thanks again
  • I created an Alfred Workflow that replaces semicolons/commas with linebreaks when copying/pasting keywords:
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