Can't type the letter "r" when searching in a PDF

This is one of the weirder problems I've ever encountered. In any other app (a text editor, a word processor, this text box I'm typing in right now) my "r" key obviously works. And in Zotero, in things like entering item data, the "r" works. But if I open any PDF in Zotero, hit ctrl-f to search, I cannot type an "r." I don't even know how to generate evidence of this happening but I swear it is.
I'm using 6.0.16-beta.1+9a3f8dbc9
  • This just happened to me as well. It was so strange, I couldn't type the letter r in any annotations. I reinstalled the app and it seems to work now.
  • Update: I can type an uppercase R but not a lowercase r. All other letters seem to work.
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    @Kearalightning: Are you using the beta or 6.0.15?

    I can reproduce this in the beta but not 6.0.15.
  • When this was happening for me it was only lowercase r as well.

    I'm on 6.0.15 now and not having that issue anymore. Not sure if I had the beta before I reinstalled, but I don't think I did.
  • I am having the same issue.

    version: 6.0.16-beta.1+9a3f8dbc9
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    OK, this is fixed now in the latest beta. Thanks for reporting.

    (To be clear, this only occurred in the first 6.0.16 beta, not in 6.0.15. If you don't want to be running the beta, you should switch back to 6.0.15 from the download page.)
  • Thanks so much dstillman!
  • This is fixed in Zotero 6.0.16, available now via Help → Check for Updates.
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