how to extract hightlight from marginnote-exported pdf? zotfile or internal

edited October 1, 2022
As internal reader's becoming better, I'm cosidering changging from marginnote3 to zotero reader. Here's a problem, how to process about marginote highlights? It fails when i use add Note from annotatio, because there's no annotation now.

Zotfile says it can extract notes from external pdf reader hightlights, but as there's only one “ add Note from annotation" now, right? Does internal extract->notes also try to support external hightlights? here's the pdf.
  • Make sure you’re running Zotero 6.0.15 and try again. There was a bug with external annotations in 6.0.14 for a day or so.
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    @dstillman still donesn't work. It seems zotero can't recognize marginnote highlight, where I test another external pdf reader, highlights automatically become annotations.
  • It should work if MarginNote saves the annotations back to the file. If it saves them to a separate file, Zotero won't be able to read them.
  • I've provide the pdf url , which could be verified directly. If it works, please tell me how.. thanks!
  • No, those aren't standard PDF annotations, and you won't see them listed as annotations in other PDF readers either.
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