Can't open some PDFs in iOS app

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    Great work, Zotero team!

    Debug-ID: D506203846
    (iOS-App 1.0.3 on iOS 15.6.1)

    File Syncing via Nextcloud WebDAV.

    Database with 1266 entries, most of them with attached PDFs (except 80 entries) and most of them working. No apparent errors in Desktop App which also syncs to same Nextcloud WebDAV. Around 15 PDFs show an exclamation mark and the above mentioned error that the attached file could not be found in the iOS App.

    Interesting enough, all of theses PDFs seem to originate from PLoS (different journals, here) with the exception of the only two graphical abstracts attached.

    (...and yes, these files exist in the nextcloud folder and can be read in the Desktop App.)
  • Do you have free space on your account that allows for sync? ;)
  • The file “No[…].PDF” couldn’t be saved in the folder “I6DQS73M” because a file with the same name already exists.
    If you download manually and unzip it, is there a single file within it?

    If there's a single file, you might check whether you can reproduce this in the Zotero for iOS beta.
  • (Actually, we think this is already fixed in the beta, and the fix will be included in 1.0.4 soon.)
  • Thank you for your fast replies.

    @danielborek: yes, sufficient space for WebDAV sync (>15GB)

    @dstillman: yes, the download works and the file is readable - assuming your question intended the Desktop version.

    In Testflight 1.0.4 the same file(s) are equally not downloadable, but the error message changed to "Unable to unzip snapshot".
  • Update in today's Testflight 1.0.5:
    no change regarding the PDFs, but the graphical abstracts loaded automatically showing the landscape image icon.

    Altogether, it appears to be 13 PDFs, all of them originating from PLoS between 2009 and 2015.

    They are now located in the collection "_defect_iOS" - does this help?
  • Hi @manook, can you please try to log the new issue ("Unable to unzip snapshot") and send me a debug ID? Thanks!
  • Sure, Debug-ID is D2080740894.
    Download-Trial of all 13 PDFs was logged.
  • Thanks @manook, this time it should be fully fixed for you. You'll have a new TestFlight build ready later today.
  • Hi @michalrentka,

    Testflight 1.0.6 (2) arrived an hour ago and as you said the issue seems fixed -
    so, Thank You!

    Would you mind providing a glimpse into what the source of this seemingly PLoS-related issue was?
  • @manook there were actually 2 issues, both related to the same thing.

    I didn't handle files without file extension (just "filename") or with uppercased file extension ("filename.PDF") properly when extracting the zip file after download from WebDAV. You had both there.
    The metadata said the file we're looking for is "application/pdf", so the app was looking for "filename.pdf" after extraction and it didn't find it and reported an issue.

    So theoretically, if you changed those attachments it would have worked for you, but now it should be properly handled (and should have been since beginning), so no need to change anything.
  • @michalrentka : Thank You for your time to explain.

    Puhh, so not PLoS-related, at least not directly.

    And yes, I checked all 13 PDFs in the Desktop folders and they all ended with capitalized .PDF. However, I could not see any PDFs without file extension (as you mentioned that this was a bug case, too).

    Shall I leave TestFlight for now to make room or stay on?
  • @manook there's plenty space there. If you want to stay, you definitely can.
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