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Bluebook is an important citation tool for law students, but the Zotero Style Repository doesn't indicate which version is being used. I think Bluebook Law Review 2 is version 18 and Bluebook Law Review is version 19, but I'm not 100% sure. There is a Bluebook version 20 now which I don't think Zotero has a citation style for yet. It would be useful for the style guide to indicate which version of Bluebook is being used. Thanks. Jon
  • For the most part we just leave the bluebook styles alone and refer people to
    There are so many limitations to anything that Zotero could implement in terms of a bluebook style that the actual edition numbers would seem to matter very little.
  • Ok thanks. I guess that makes sense. It's as if the Bluebook style is more of a generic Bluebook rather than a particular version. Thanks.
  • But again, if you are doing major legal referencing, you will want to use Juris-M, which is a project based on Zotero with enhanced legal citation support.
  • Hi everyone.
    Is there a forum for juris-m, style MLZ Bluebook style?
    I have a few questions, including

    - how to desactivate that the case-citation always includes "UnitedStates|US" as default? This does not correspond to bluebook 20th edition. I tried it by suppressing the following lines:
    <else-if type="legal_case">
    <text macro="jurisdictions-case"/>
    It works, but then some fonts change (smallcaps for the references), so it doesn't help

    - how to deactivate the "hereinafter"-citations? they to not correspond to anything useful, and show up only randomly at about 3 cases I cite.

    Many thanks for any advice.
  • your best bet are the mailing lists:

    otherwise you can start a new thread clearly labeled with [juris-m] in the subject line here.
  • Does Zotero support Bluebook Law 20th edition referencing style?
  • If you are doing legal referencing, you should use Jurism as linked above and its Indigo Book style (Indigo Book is a public domain legal style guide compatible with Bluebook). Zotero’s Bluebook style is limited in its ability to handle all of the nuances of legal citation.
  • FWIW, I think it'd be worthwhile to get rid of the current two versions of Bluebook in CSL and create one version that's correct 20th edition for secondary sources and maybe even label it as such.
  • Yes please, what @adamsmith said! Remove one of the Bluebook styles and leave only one.
  • We already did that -- the two remaining styles are systematically different in that one creates footnotes, the other one goes right in the text.
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