duplicate tab command keeps text at the same location in both tabs

I use duplicate tab command to view the text of the article and the footnotes simultaneously. Lately, Zotero keeps synching the displayed pages across both tabs, so I see either two paragraphs I am reading, or two pages of footnotes. This always happens on restart, but also sometimes when I leave Zotero running for awhile.

Is it possible to keep the two tabs open on different pages, so I can see both the text and the footnote, even if I get back to the pdf after a pause or restart?
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    Hmm, we can fix that, though it's tricky. If you have the same PDF open in both tabs at different positions, and then you open the same PDF on another device, or you close both tabs on this device and reopen one later, which position should it use? Options would include:

    1) The position in the first tab you opened of that PDF
    2) The position in the last tab you opened of that PDF
    3) The last tab that you closed
    4) The last tab where you changed the page
    5) The earliest page position
    6) The latest page position

    Given that additional tabs are likely to be used for viewing references/footnotes, I guess I'd be inclined to go with (1) — that the first tab you open of given PDF is the primary tab, and only primary tabs update the synced page position, while other tabs preserve their position locally.
  • Yes, for me it would be #1
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