[Feature Request] Title case for author name

The title case conversion in the right-click menu for the title field is super handy and helpful.

I've found however the creator field is populated with all caps name just as often if not more.

I hope this functionality could be added to the creator field as well.
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    I would also be very happy to see it available for other title fields like "Series"
  • FWIW, we do take reports about authors in all caps for web import and are happy to fix those. Doesn't mean this option shouldn't be added, but obviously better to never have this issue whenever possible.
  • For me, most new imports work, but I've got loads of older records that I'd rather not have to re-import just to fix the author capitalization.
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    For my work this seems to happen with single-journal publishers such as professional organizations from Asia.

    The other time this happens is when there is no metadata available and I, to facilitate hand-entry, copy and paste author names from the webpage. Using the import as webpage (if it brings in anything at all useful) often doesn't import proper author names as last,first in mixed case. This occurs in less than 1% of my imports. Yet, because I primarily use Zotero in an unusual way -- as a MODS exporter -- importing hundreds of items every day; having the convert-to-sentence-case utility for author names would be a really nice way to ease hand editing burden.

    edit: I theoretically could just hand enter the names but often the names are umpteen characters long and in letter confusing combinations. I just don't trust my accuracy to go from eying the screen to hand entry.

    Does the DOI import "translator" always fix all-upper-case author names?
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    I looked on the forum to see if this feature had been suggested after attempting to import this article, which yields all-caps title and all-caps author:
  • There's a pull request for this, I'd expect this to be in one of the next versions

    There's also a PR that'll fix Import from JSTOR
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    Please reconsider a universal right-click option to convert all-upper-case author names to "sentence case".

    Here is another article that when imported via the Zotero browser import button or by the DOI that has all upper case author names:


    If this is not likely to happen, I am interested in supporting (or partially supporting) a plug-in to handle this. @adamsmith @danstillman

  • I link to the pull request above?
  • Has there been a decision about this? All upper case last names, especially when the publisher has lastname first in a single field make editing the names quite tedious.

    Some publishers seem to not care about metadata:

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