Links to pdfs work on Mac, but not on iOS

Dear Zotero Team,

the issue I have encountered, shortly:
- links to pdfs and annotations do not work on iOS...
- despite that all pdfs are stored "in Zotero" (i.e., paid Zotero storage, everything synced perfectly etc.);
- very same links work as expected on Mac.

Step by step:
- I annotate pdf (highlight some text) in Zotero 6 on Mac
- then copy the annotation (citation) from the left sidebar
- paste it to the markdown editor of choice, say Obsidian or Drafts, as: "quote" ([pdf](zotero://open-pdf/library/items/****?page=1&annotation=****))
- on Mac, the link brings me to Zotero app with certain pdf opened on the desired page
- when the markdown file is opened in Obsidian/Drafts on iPad, the aforementioned link does nothing, even lacks the prompt to open Zotero iOS; I believe such functionality worked a month ago or so.

Has something changed in latest Zotero betas or am I just loosing my mind?

What i use:
Zotero Mac: 6.0.14-beta.1+79246196a
Zotero iOS: 1.0.4 (9) (via TestFlight)
MacOS Monterey 12.5.1
iPadOS 15.6.1

As always, thank you so much for great software and extraordinary support!

Kind regards,
Rafał Seredyński
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