failed to export images in zotero notes to a markdown editor, like obsidian.

Preferably, I'd like the image to be exported in the form of ![description](image path in zotero), where the "!" can be used to embed the image in markdown directly.

However, currently, when I paste a note with images created using zotero reader snapshot, the image will not be pasted; instead, only sth like "(path)" is there, but this path is linked to the item, rather than the annotation in the pdf. I created examples of two items from "Mylibrary" or a group, but somehow failed to paste them here. Please refer to my comments on github below:

Context re: blockquotes:

More thoughts about the "!" symbol:

It would be very convienient if an "!" symbol is added automatically before the left bracket of the image link, so that the images can be embedded directly into the obsidian notes, which can be displayed when switched to the preview mode in obsidian.

I acknowledge that it is likely that some others may don't like the automatic "!", but if one needs to add "!" by himself one by one, it is a challenging task; on the other hand, removing all the "!" from a note can be done simply upon replacing "(![" with "([" in batch, will is much simpler.

I would recommend the developers to consider offering a way to paste the images with the appropriate link and the automatic "!"

Finally, since a link to an annotation normally looks like "(zotero://select/library/items/XHK62***)) ([pdf](zotero://open-pdf/library/items/6UYS3R9G?page=1&annotation=QW8CMIB7))", It would be convenient if this link can be linked to the correct item or annotation, even if we have merged the relevant item with its duplicated items in zotero.
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    You can use Zotero Integration--it imports images from Zotero notes and annotations into Obsidian.
  • I'm aware of this plugin, but haven't tried it; I have tried using bibnotes formatter, but it fails to import links properly, including those to text annotations. So I'm looking for backup ways.

    As for zotero integrator, as far as I remember, it extracts annotations by a built-in tool called "pdf utility", so can it extract the tags properly, too?
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    Zotero Integration can now export Zotero 6 annotations directly. You do not need to download the pdf utility for that. It extracts item tags, but can't extract annotation tags yet. There is an open issue for that:
  • that sounds great, thanks, and I'll try it out.

    However, I still suggest the zotero developer team to fix the issue mentioned in this post, which can especially useful when one doesn't want to use those plugins or when those plugins suffer of other issues.
  • the suggested feature in this post is especially useful if I'm at the final stage of doing a lietarture survey, during which I may double check the pdfs in zotero and make notes there, then I may want to drag the annotations directly into an obsidian note, in which I collection annotations from different pdfs according to several subjects, to be distingushed with the aid of "Headings" in obsidian.
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