I love Zotero 6

Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing Zotero 6 update. I have finally pulled the plug on Endnote and switched over to Zotero full time.

I wasn't expecting to like the new PDF reader so much but it really has improved my workflow for reading papers, linking related papers and tagging while reading them. I'm also finding tagging so useful in a way that i never did in Endnote. Last thing, Zotero is fast and a pleasure to use (Endnote 20 is not).

Anyway thanks for the hard work, the wait was worthwhile!
  • Thank you! That's great to hear.
  • I started to use Zotero today, I’ve had no Idea how great it is, out of sheer excitement I googled “I love Zotero” and I found this post, I just wanted to see if people felt the same, I mean everything about it is just AMAZING! And the integrated PDF reader is just 10x better than anything I've ever used
    Thank you so much !
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    I'd be lost without it. Absolutely love this program. I use it to organise my PDF collection (not really for citations and bibliography) and now also to read (who needs a pdf reader) and make annotations and summaries. It's brilliant.
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    I'm getting on the bandwagon here to express my gratitude to the developers, as well! I share your love for Zotero 6. 5 was great, but having the new PDF reader and annotation is a huge improvement and I can now hardly study without it. After finding the brilliant "Night for Zotero," providing a dark theme even inside the PDFs, it is now the best thing since sliced bread, working perfectly alongside a dark themed LibreOffice.

    Perhaps the only thing I would add is a cover/book art on mouseover or in the Info section on the book. But maybe I'm pushing it. Linux Mint shows me the book's cover for PDFs (basically the first page of the PDF) in the file manager. Neat and useful, although it brings it closer to software such as Calibre.
  • Our small campus is finally pulling the plug on RefWorks and moving entirely to Zotero 6. Just introduced to my students this last week and you should have seen how big their eye's got when I explained the PDF reader and creating groups for projects.
  • Yes, definitely want to throw my hat into the Zo6 appreciation ring. I've been watching and using Zo for a few years now, and 6 is another notch up of just really great reference managing goodness! ;-)
  • I second that!

    A little bit more development on the annotations functionality and it may even surpass dedicated wiki softwares, as it is more convenient to have everything searchable and within the same app...

    Hurray for the developers, Zotero 6 and its community!
  • I love Zotero too! I marvel every day that I have all my research in one place with easy access. One thing: I would like a feature that allows readers within the app to read the same PDF document in two windows so that I can compare parts of essays, read footnotes while reading the text proper, etc.
  • Michael - That feature exists in the latest version. Just right click for the context menu and you can split vertically or horizontally. It is a great time saver! I too am very grateful for Zotero 6 and the constant updates and improvements.
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    hu-itanu, thank you so much for the heads up!!

    I just did it. What a beautiful thing!
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