Bug report: Zotero iOS latest beta does not open links in item information fields

The same behavior is observed on both iPhone and iPad. Neither the DOI nor the URL is clickable. This worked just fine before updating earlier today.
  • We'll fix — thanks.
  • @erdoke: Fixed in the latest beta.
  • @dstillman Thanks for the quick fix.

    Btw, have you come across the issue I reported (I guess via Apple)? When I restart my iPad (due to connectivity issues with the phone used as a hotspot), Zotero starts crashing upon next launch and has to be removed and reinstalled. Due to the instant crash I have no report ID, but shared my email address and descriptive comments in the crash report.
  • @erdoke can you check new beta build 1.0.4 9? Let me know if the crash after iPad restart is still happening to you.
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    Unfortunately yes. However, this time it’s slightly different: main app screen loads and only crashes about 2 seconds after that. It used to be just a flash of the Home screen, not even loading the app properly. I’ve submitted a crash report in the popup window, my email and Zotero forum handle were both included.
    Would you like to get a screen recording or a detailed report dump?
  • @erdoke and you can reliably reproduce this issue? You delete the app from your device, re-install from TestFlight, log in, restart your device and when you open the app again this happens?
  • Yes, it was as you described for at least the last 3 restarts (and that was across at least two, but perhaps last 3 beta versions). I restarted the device, Zotero starts with a flash of screen and doesn’t start up until deleted and reinstalled. Following reinstall and database sync I typically download the attachments for 2-3 key folders and then start using the app, which works as expected until the next device restart. (With exception of downloading PDFs from a few journal sites/aggregators. E.g. downloading even an open access PDF from ScienceDirect takes ages and more often fails than not.)
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    I’m afraid the copy feature was not added back after fixing the non-clickable links issue. Long press on links used to bring up the Copy context menu item, but now it doesn’t. Both long and short tap opens the link. I’d love the simple copy context menu back. Thanks
  • @erdoke if you can still reproduce this issue, can you download a new beta (build 11) and try to reproduce it?

    When you crash, after starting the app again you should now see an alert with the crash report with the option to "Export Database". Please do that, store the exported file to your device and send it to us. If it's too big (more than 20mb) please upload it somewhere and send us a link to it. Thanks!
  • @michalrentka
    Just downloaded the new beta. (Thanks for adding back the Copy link feature!) Will restart my iPad when feasible and report back on status of that crash issue.
  • @michalrentka
    Unfortunately, latest Zotero beta still crashes upon start after a device restart on my iPad Pro (11” 2021). No additional log sharing was offered on crashing, but later on next start attempt.
    Database export available here: https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZG6lbVZXTHe52eDGsb9xMggEtN9QFO9kFxy
    A debug ID from another start attempt (as it’s either Copy the ID or Export the database): 357399190
    Let me know if you need anything else, I’d like to reinstall the app ASAP.
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    OK, I’ve reinstalled and now will test a device restart without downloading any PDF attachments first. This is to exclude that a large number of sizable attachments via WebDAB causes the problem.

    Edit: Wow, there’s no app restart without the PDFs! Now I speculate that the crash might be related to WebDAB sync issues which still regularly occur. I get API response error messages as well as missing SSL messages sporadically. Sometimes attachment download fails several times then it suddenly just downloads.
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    Sorry for celebrating too early, the crash occurred on the second app launch. Curiously, the size of database export is way bigger, despite an almost ‘virgin’ install. https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZxidbVZ0OrG04S8WxheQI1eUBUUrbsdwLXk

    The app behavior is very strange now. It doesn’t crash on launch, rather when I tap on the only item which was added after the fresh install. Any other item or folder doesn’t seem to trigger the crash. The item in question doesn’t have an attachment added yet. Reinstall again…
  • @erdoke can you please always provide a Report ID when you share the database file? I'll fix the export db to also copy the Report ID, sorry about that. But if you'll share any database file in the meanwhile, please try to screenshot the Report ID so that I have a corresponding Report ID and database.

    The last issue you posted seems to be different than the previous one. So if you can still reproduce that, I'd welcome a Report ID there. If not, then no worries.
  • OK, I will jot down the report ID before exporting the database.
    I’ve added a few PDFs after the last reinstall, so I’m not sure that this is a good timing for reproduction of the above reported behavior. Perhaps following the iOS 16 final version update next week.
  • @erdoke no problem, if you encounter something let me know.
  • Now I’m experiencing a very weird behavior. When manually editing information fields of items the app confuses fields. E.g. when Zotero iOS fails to parse the URL, adding it manually doesn’t work. I paste the url into the relevant field then tap on Safe. Instead of the URL field the text of the link appears in the Rights field. Similarly, when adding the language, “En” shows up in the URL field… DOI in Series Title, etc.
    What’s going on? Can you reproduce this in the latest beta, or is it just my installation?
  • @erdoke that's a bug on our side, new build with it fixed is on the way.
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    Following a Zotero update and an iPad OS update, I'm glad to report that the startup crash problem has been resolved. Thanks for your continued efforts.
  • Glad to hear that @erdoke! If you encounter new bugs/crashes let us know.
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