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Please, does the Zotero version 6 support QuickLook?

The ZoteroQuickLook(https://github.com/mronkko/ZoteroQuickLook) plugin was supported in earlier version of Zotero, but not Zotero 6.

Thank you

  • No, and the maintainer has indicated that he'll likely not update it, so unless someone else takes over maintenance, it won't work in Z6
  • Ok. Please, will there be any feature in Zotero 6 that can support QuickLook of PDF future?
  • I don't think it'll be in Zotero itself. The add-on could be made to work, it'd just require someone sufficiently interested/dedicated.
  • I don't get it. This seems like a basic feature, and there is tremendous demonstrated interest in this. Why isn't it built into the app? Why does it require someone outside of Zotero to maintain this feature? Please enlighten us.
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    From Etiquette:
    Different people use Zotero in different ways. Not everybody shares your priorities, sometimes you're the only person experiencing a particular problem, or maybe you just didn't discover the best way to perform a task. Avoid generalizing statements like “it's obvious that without this feature, Zotero is useless for anybody”.
    People have requested literally thousands of features over the years. Something may seem like an obvious, basic feature to you, but there are countless other features that other people are waiting for that they see as similarly critical. A plugin system is a feature, not a bug — it's what lets people build the features that are important to them without waiting for Zotero developers to implement them.

    This particular plugin used a command-line developer tool on macOS and required installation of third-party utilities on Windows and Linux, so no, this is not something that would've been built-in. As for whether it's a "basic feature", it's something that some Mac apps support, but certainly not most or all, and Zotero is a cross-platform app.

    Now that Zotero 6 has a built-in PDF reader, we might build this in — and that would be the only way to show Zotero-created annotations in the preview — but we'll need to experiment to see if we can get satisfactory performance to make it worth it.
  • @dstillman Apologies for the snarky question, and thank you for the detailed explanation. +1 for built-in preview with the new PDF reader, that would be even better than this plugin.
  • I have forked ZoteroQuickLook and released a version that supports Zotero 6.0+ (but only on macOS) here:

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    That was literally my favorite feature!
  • You're not the only one galvandelima.... it was very popular.
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    Hey everyone,

    I found this plugin called "PDF Preview". As the creator indicates: Terrifically small pieces of functionality. It adds a preview window on the bottom right corner so you can preview your pdf.

    It works great while Quicklook is broken.

    See below:

  • That plugin is for previewing the bibliographic citation style, not the PDF.
    You can choose the citation style, and copy the citation or reference if you wish.
  • Yes, that's the correct link. Thank you, Jeremy. My apologies for the confusion.
  • beaugunderson's plugin ZoteroQuickLookNG works very nicely on MacOS (as does zotero-pdf-preview by hsiangyu_wong).
  • @beaugunderson: Thanks for forking Quicklook and making it work for Z6. Grateful that the good work of mronkko and bwiernik is continued and at least accessible for macOS folks by your input. Was missing this feature despite immense appreciation for Z6 and its stunning PDF-Reader. The plugin works beautifully – much appreciated.
  • @beaugunderson Another thank you for making a Quicklook plug-in for Z6. For some reason, the previous plug-in continued working on my older machine when I upgraded from 5 to 6. But I've done a clean install on a new laptop and couldn't get it to work.

    It would be great if the mods to whoever handles the [plugins page](https://www.zotero.org/support/plugins) could update it to include this plugin.
  • Why can't I download the quicklook.xpi from all the links above? They all warns that the file is broken so it can't be downloaded.
  • This problem have been solved after I changed the firefox browser to Google.
  • I have forked ZoteroQuickLook and released a version that supports Zotero 6.0+ (but only on macOS) here:

    @beaugunderson, do you have any plans to update this wonderfully helpful plugin for compatibility with Z7?
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