Search box

I am loving Zotero 5 and the improvements that have been implemented recently.

My question is whether it is possible (either by me as an option I am not seeing, or as part of the program's development) to increase the size of the Search Box. On Windows 10 (not sure about anything else), it sits far to the right, with a lot of empty space between it and Advanced Search icon, which could be used to increase its size. Functionally, it's problematic because one can only see a relatively limited amount of text in the Search Box.

I realize this would never be a high priority change, but I think it would be useful.


  • Agree this seems like it would be trivial to do and as 90% of my interactions with the Zotero UI are via the search box this (at least from my perspective) is a pretty high-priority improvement.

    Another improvement would be to have the search history cached so you don't have to retype searches entered in the current session.
  • I agree this would be very helpful. Relatedly, it would be helpful if the Search box was larger or resizable.
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