Request: Fix for Organization Studies style


Could I please request a fix to the Organization Studies style. It is including DOI for published articles in the Bibliography, whereas Organization Studies only wants DOI for unpublished/in-press articles. Thanks!

I have copied below the relevant text from the Organization Studies Style Guide ( Style and Reference Guide_October 2021-1632991647.pdf)


[Author A] Last Name, Full First Name, [Author B] Last Name, Full First Name, & [Author C] Last Name, Full First Name [+ Initials followed by full stop of any further given name(s)] (year). Article title. Journal Name, vol no., xx–xx.

Child, John (2002). A configurational analysis of international joint ventures. Organization Studies,
23, 781–815.

Gross, Tamar, & Zilber, Tammar B. (2020). Power dynamics in field-level events: A narrative
approach. Organization Studies, 41, 1369–1390.

Foroughi, Hamid, Coraiola, Diego M., Rintamäki, Jukka, Mena, Sébastien, & Foster, William M. (2020). Organizational memory studies. Organization Studies, 41, 1725–1748.


(Online journal articles or journal articles before published in print, e.g. OnlineFirst, AAM)

[Author(s) Name(s) like in Journal articles] (year). Article title. Journal Name. https://doi.xxxxxxxx.

Steinberg, Mark (2021). From automobile capitalism to platform capitalism: Toyotism as a
prehistory of digital platforms. Organization Studies.

Danner-Schröder, Anja, & Ostermann, Simone M. (2020). Towards a processual understanding of task complexity: Constructing task complexity in practice. Organization Studies.
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