King's college London- Harvard doesn't show the link and accessed time to some online journal

This is an open-access article

but the reference generated by Zotero doesn't include the link and accessed time

Chapman, A. et al. (2017) Introduction: what is historical game studies? Rethinking History. [Online] 21 (3), 358–371.

For some other online journal articles, Zotero generates
why is the case
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    This is a static document, a journal article (perhaps actually an editorial). Unlike other website material, the volume, issue, pagination and year provide all that is necessary to find the (exact and unchanging) resource. Excepting cases where the article has a correction; the access date is irrelevant as what you might read in 2017 will be exactly what I read in 2022 (or 2032). I don't know enough about the King's College London style to comment on whether the DOI should be included in the reference but I always welcome a DOI.

    Do you include the DOI in your Zotero record? The article has a DOI and should be a part of your Zotero metadata. The DOI would serve as the link to the article.

    Further: this journal is published in print as well as presented as a collection of PDF files. [If Someone were to print out a hard copy of the PDF file and hand it to you would that be considered an "online" item simply because it was once in the format of a computer file?] Again, I don't know your style specifications but this doesn't seem to be a document that should receive an "[online]" label. Perhaps, I'm wrong with my view about what constitutes the online label within your chosen bibliographic style.
  • Hi, the DOI is included in my Zotero record. I don't know why zotero give it an [online] lable without actual URL and time.

    According to the style specifications, web-based magazine or journals which are freely available over the web:

    Authors, Initials., Year. Title of article, Full Title of Magazine, [online] Available at: web address (quote the exact URL for the article) [Accessed date].

    Here is the report:

    Type Journal Article
    Author Adam Chapman
    Author Anna Foka
    Author Jonathan Westin
    Date 2017-07-03
    Short Title Introduction
    Library Catalogue Taylor and Francis+NEJM
    Accessed 09/08/2022, 18:35:02
    Extra Publisher: Routledge _eprint:
    Volume 21
    Pages 358-371
    Publication Rethinking History
    DOI 10.1080/13642529.2016.1256638
    Issue 3
    ISSN 1364-2529
    Date Added 09/08/2022, 18:35:02
    Modified 09/08/2022, 18:35:02
  • Zotero ignores URLs for items with a page range unless you check the "Include URL" box in the cite>styles tab of the Zotero preferences.
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