Why "book sections" and not "book chapters"?

I export data from Zotero into a web interface for browsing. This includes the reference type. As a result, book chapters are displayed as "book sections." Is there a reason why "book chapter" isn't used? Is there a way to get around this?
  • Book "section" vs chapter. Consider "book section" to be a generic term that includes "book chapters" and similar edited documents that have section authors. Thus, book section type will also include the preface, introduction, foreword, and similar authored parts of a book that are not normally termed chapters.

    Someone from the early days of Zotero and CSL may be able to provide a better rationale.
  • CSL actually uses chapter, so the difference isn't especially important, but yes, section is the broader term. If you want to get around this on your website, that'd have to involve processing whatever you get from the Zotero API
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