My report is 705924703 and I have been having a problem with syncing and now it says its all synced up, but when i go on zotero browser its not synced.
  • Click the Sync button in the top-right corner. Do you get an error? If so, what does it say?

    You were getting an error about a creator name that was too long, so if you haven't fixed that, you'll need to do so to fully sync your items.
  • I did do that and fixed the errors next to the sync button, but now it says its all synced up but its not
  • Hello, so recently I have uploaded a bunch of articles in a different amount of collections. I thought it was syncing the entire time to find out, it wasn’t so I had to figure out why not. There were a lot of files that came up as errors from one specific upload. I then deleted permanently all the articles in that upload and then I let it sync, I had it sync for a while like 5 hours and was making progress. But then I decided to do one thing and move something to another collection and now everytime I close out the window and come back after a couple of minutes of syncing it will say “not responding” and I’ve waited as long as 30 minutes and will keep going. I tried internal debug and even uninstalling and nothing works. Unsure what to do?
  • The problem is now it’s slowly syncing but I hit a point in the last 3 hours where it’s stuck on not responding not matter if I restart or uninstall.
  • @Tey129910: Please don't open new threads for the same issue — it just makes it harder for people trying to help you to help you. I've merged your post back into this thread.

    I linked to debugging steps above. You'll need to follow those and provide the requested information for us to be able to help you.
  • Also note that you're in a group library with almost 200,000 parent and child items, so that can easily take a long time to sync.
  • Yes I got everything to sync, it took long but it got done. Now I am trying to import and sync citations from OOvid version of PyschInfo, but every time I export RIS, it imports fine in the library but when I try to sync it " it says the file of fields is too long" and I put it down to a citation only, and still says this. But I am also unable to use the zotero connector I looked for updates in the connector and computer app, but nothing and uninstalled the connector and unsure how to use the connector as I am thinking its the only solution.
  • Here is the report ID: 1565665063
    The link that is not letting me use the connector from|&R=3&Process+Action=display
    it says when im on the site that (save to zotero) Ovid
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