Imposiple to setup Zotfile

I am really struggling to set up Zotfile.
I have installed it and when I right-click on a pdf (that I have highlighted beforehand), in the "manage attachments"

only the:
1. "rename and move"
2. "get the table of contents"


I have renamed the pdf, and the "extract annotations" option still doesn't show up!

In the "Zotfile Preferences" I only edited the,
"Locations of Files" (in the "General Settings" tab).

"Locations of Files" -> I Have selected the "Custom Location" bullet,
and right next to I placed a path to a folder on my desktop

Please, if you know what I am doing wrong, help me.

I am using the latest version of Zotero (6.0.10) and I use windows 10.

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