Feature request: deleting reference attachments using 'delete' keystroke

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Enjoying Zotero on a day-to-day basis (for which a big thank you!), I came to notice recently that it does not seem possible to delete reference attachments (pdf, snapshots, etc..) with a 'delete' keystroke. Otherwise stated, pushing 'delete' can move a parent reference item to the thrash (including the attachments), but this does not seem to work applied to separate attachments that sit below the parent reference.

Is this by purpose? I would find it practical if the 'delete' keystroke applies to all items without distinction between item types (reference, attachment, folder, etc..). Although in the case of folders, it might be useful to have also an 'undo' option (you get a warning but in the end they don't end up in the thrash).

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OS: Windows 10 (I recall this did work on Mac, but unable to check at the moment)
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    Are you trying this in a collection?

    'Delete' in a collection doesn't move items to the trash — it removes them from the collection. That doesn't make sense for a child attachment, so a 'Delete' on a child item doesn't do anything in a collection. A modified 'Delete' — with Ctrl/Cmd — in a collection will prompt to move both parent and child items to the trash.

    'Delete' on a child item in the library root should certainly prompt to move it to the trash.
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    Oops, sorry, i did not yet notice that 'Delete' within collections (not the root) deletes them from this specific collection and does not move them to the thrash (a question of better reading notifications.. :p).

    To trash items and/or child attachments, on my windows Zotero 'Shift+Delete' indeed works fine. Issue solved, thanks!
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