migrating from local to zotero storage

Hello, I have been using local storage & now want to free up some disk space. I purchased a Zotero plan. The account is linked, sync automatically is checked, & file syncing turned on. How do I force the local storage to migrate to zotero storage? Thanks
  • Zotero still stores files you add on this computer locally even if you're using Zotero Storage.

    If you set Zotero to download files "as needed" from the Sync pane of the preferences, it will avoid downloading files added elsewhere until you try to open them.

    An upcoming version of Zotero will also make it possible to set how many days Zotero should keep local copies of uploaded files in order to save disk space.

    For now, though, you can search for large PDF files within your Zotero data directory and delete them manually — just be sure they've been uploaded and are accessible from the web library. You may want to just wait for the feature above to be available.
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