Annotations of Book Sections no longer displaying correct pagination?

Okay, so I searched the forums and I'm not sure if this question has been asked before, so here goes.

Back in November 2021, I saved a chapter of a book into Zotero as a Book Section, and put the page numbers in, etcetera. Prior to the latest version of Zotero, whenever I extracted Annotations, the Zotfile plugin did a pretty good job of being able to figure out what page the Annotation was on. My hypothesis is that this was done by figuring out what page of the extract the annotation was on, adding that number to the beginning number listed in the "Pages" field, and outputting the result as the source of the annotation.

Now, we have the fancy new PDF Viewer and I am working with that same book chapter. I need to reference a page number in this book, but the extract is not paginated natively because it's from an ebook from ProQuest so I can't just look at the book. When I used the new "Add Note from Annotation" command, the output for the page number was the page number of the extraction, not from the book itself.

Am I doing it wrong? Do I have to do the mental math now to add the page number from the command to the beginning page number of the extract to get the correct page number? That seems like a step backwards to me.
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