Zotero doesn't update bibliography in word on mac

Zotero doesn't update bibliography anymore, it just does not react.
I have copied the text into a new doc, restarted zotero, word, my mac, de- and reinstalled word plugin several times over the past 5 hrs or so.
Zotero keeps ignoring the orders 'refresh' and/or 'add bibliography', references are still linked and can by altered, but no bibliography.
  • Restart Zotero and Word. Can you reproduce this in a new document?
  • I have restarted everything multiple times.
    I have copied the document in a new document.
    Zotero does not react, it either ignores the order or it gets hung up, both zotero and word.
  • By "reproduce in a new document" I meant can you insert a few citations in a new document and produce a bibliography?
  • I have finally succeeded in creating a bibliography.
    Thanks a lot for your suggestions.
    Zotero in combination with Mac and Word on Mac seems an unhappy combination.
    I changed from Mendeley, but not sure which of the two are more unstable :-(
  • Zotero is developed principally on Mac. Word for Mac is slower, but should otherwise work just fine.
    First thing I'd try is to switch to a different style and back. Beyond that, I'm not entirely sure what's not updating. Changes in metadata? Added references? Something else?

    (Generally don't bother reinstalling if the Word add-on still does anything, that's just a waste of your time)
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