disambiguated author name APA 7

I'm using the zotero plugin for word, with the APA 7 style, and I'm getting full initials with the citation of a paper and a program by the same author (in this case, M. S. Ben-Shachar). I have verified that the spellings are identical between both entries, refreshed, but am still getting the full initials.

I suspect this is because one entry is "Software" with a "Programmer" and the other is "Journal Article" with an "Author"? Does any one know if this is the case and how to resolve it?
  • Have you tried this in an entirely new document? I can't replicate it with programmer & author in general (it'd also be a very odd bug), so if you're hitting a but it's something much more specific/complex, but my initial guesses would be that either the document isn't updating properly or one of your items is disconnected from its metadata in Zotero.
  • 1. When adding both references in a new doc they rendered fine.

    2. Updating fields in Zotero did carry over to the problematic doc, so it seems they *were* linked to the metadata in zotero...

    3. Removing and re-adding one at a time did not solve the problem...

    Only removing *both* and then re-adding both solved the problem!

    How odd...
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