Zotero as PDF viewer on Mac

Hi there!

I really do love the new PdfViewer in Zotero and also the iOS app.
Reading the pdfs and annotating them is amazing and very productive.

60 % of my workflow looks like:
1. I open arxiv (or other supported website) article
2. I use Zotero connector to save pdf to Zotero
3. I open and read/annotate the pdf in Zotero

In the remaining 40 % I have the pdf files saved locally.
I would like to be able to open them in Zotero by setting Zotero as default PdfViewer.
Then I would simply double click on Pdf in Finder and it will open in Zotero.
The problem is that Zotero expects that I am importing a file in one of the supported bibliographic formats.

Note: I would be ok if the newly opened pdf is automatically added to my Library (I could delete it manually).

Can you please advice me how to do it now or is it not possible?

  • We have no plans to make it possible to view PDFs outside of Zotero, but in an upcoming version it will be possible to open PDFs via Zotero as a way of adding them to the library, and at that point it would make sense for there to be an option to open them in the PDF reader immediately.
  • Thank you for your answer, that's great news.
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