Double links back to file when exporting notes to markdown

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Hello, and sorry in advance if this question was already asked (I tried but could not find similar threads).

I usually extract notes to markdown for use in Obsidian. I like to check "Include Zotero links" to preserve links back to the pdf. However, the resulting links are very long and seem to contain two parts: the first shows item in Zotero library, while the second part opens relevant pdf on the exact page. Now, I understand that there are merits to this approach. However, for me personally, this creates a very cluttered markdown file. Generally, when I click on links, I want to go to the exact page with quotation. With two links looking visually similar in Obsidian, I keep clicking on the wrong part and going back and forth to click the right one.

Is there any setting I can use to preserve only the links to exact pdf pages? I looked through the settings and config editor but could not find anything relevant.
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    If you use Obsidian, check out Zotero Integration--you can create a template that only imports the link to the PDF annotation:
  • Oh, this is a very interesting plugin! I somehow missed it, thank you very much for this!
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    A quick update for those who may be interested. Sorry if this is not only about Zotero, but many people use Zotero with Obsidian, so it may be of use to someone.

    So, I tried the plugin recommended by @erazlogo. It works, but not out of the box. The plugin itself is poorly documented, and the templating language it uses is not the easiest one. The thread on Obsidian forum is also pretty short and doesn't give clear explanations. It took me some time to figure it all out.

    My first impression was that it did not work with Zotero pdf reader. I was wrong. It does work with Zotero reader. You can either directly export annotations created in Zotero reader, or create Zotero note with annotations and export it. In the second case you just get a copy of Zotero notes, which seems redundant since Zotero itself exports them just fine (although you do get some options for customizing headers etc). In the first case (extracting annotations directly), the plugin provides extensive templating options but, as I said, it takes time to figure them out.

    Long story short, I managed to set up a template which gives the shortened links I wanted. However, for such a simple use case this plugin may be an overkill - as well as too time consuming to set up.

    As for me, I'll continue using it, because I like templating and tinkering, and because it will help streamline my current Zotero to Obsidian export (finally retire Mdnotes plugin, fully reproduce and improve customized color-coded templates I used to use with Zotfile and export old pdf annotations made with other pdf readers).
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    For those who want a more in-depth guide to using Zotero Integration to directly import Zotero 6 annotations to Obsidian, I have one here:

    This page has a template, and explains the template and all the steps. It is more complicated that what you wanted @Yulia_St but for others it may be useful and give some ideas for their own setup.

    For more help, go to Academic channel on Obsidian Dischord

    You will get help with templates there fairly quickly.

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