open in library option is gone from collections - please bring it back

edited July 26, 2022
In the latest version, the "Show in Library" option is missing in the pulldown menu for items in collections and saved searches.

This feature helps to explore items added to Zotero at the same time. It is crucial when one enters several items on a particular topic in one session but forgets to tag some of them to put in a saved search. This happens to me all the time, and without this option I am lost. Please bring it back.
  • You mean "Show in Library"? That still exists…
  • edited July 26, 2022
    Yes that's what I mean, but where? Here is the image of the menu--I don't see it, but maybe I'm just tired:
    (this item is in a saved search)
  • Does it show up if you disable all third-party plugins?
  • It was the Zotero OCR plugin. That's unfortunate. Sorry, should have checked the plugins first before asking.
  • Are you sure about that? zotero-ocr just adds a menuitem to the end of the menu, which shouldn't affect the built-in options, and I still see "Show in Library" with it installed. Your screenshot also shows Add Note from Annotations duplicated.

    We can provide a better way for plugin developers to add context-menu options, and also make the built-in options a bit more robust, but it'd be helpful to identify exactly what's causing this.
  • edited July 27, 2022
    You are right--I now have all the plugins enabled and the error is gone. I am not sure what combination of actions makes it happen. I have the following plugins enabled: Zotero OCR, Zutilo, BetterBibtex, and MarkDBConnect. I use all of them regularly and get various errors from time to time that go away after a restart (or several, as in this case).

    In general, I get bizarre UI errors after I convert embedded PDF annotations into Zotero annotations. But this may not be it. I will try to reproduce.
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