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  • Hello, I'm trying to open an .nbib file in Zotero, but when I click on "Open with" for the file and select Zotero, the search results do not show up up in Zotero. The .nbib file is large (over 300 search results from Pubmed). Any suggestions for troubleshooting?

    Thank you!
  • What exactly happens?

    Have you tried with an .nbib file with a single item?

    Can you provide a Debug ID for trying this?
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    If you are in a hurry:

    Try importing the file while Zotero is open rather than open-with. [File : Import]

    Several times a month I import nbib files containing 400 or more records.

    (On days that both Frontiers and MDPI have released their articles my daily search string query results in 3500+ records instead of the usual 450-500 records. After screening the raw results of the Frontiers MDPI days I generally have 400 to 450 records to export as nbib and then import into Zotrro. Normal days, I have no more than 120 post-screened records to import into Zotero.)
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