Search with scope 'Everything' misses an article with known phrase

When I search for a phrase with scope 'Everything', the results do not show an article where I know the PDF has the search phrase. A few other phrases fail. While some other phrases pull the article fine. I tried re-indexing it, but no luck.

Example search phrase: silicone
Article PDF: MLX655EZ (in group 2194058)
  • If you search that text in the PDF itself (that is, open the PDF either in Zotero's reader or another PDF reader and search for the phrase), do you get any hits? It might be that the text is not correctly recognized in the PDF itself.
  • Yes, "silicone" is identified (9 occurrences) by Acrobat and Zotero's in-built PDF reader. This is a recent year (2012) article downloaded directly from SAE Mobilus, so not an OCR'ed document.
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