Style Error: APA 7 style - Presentation

The bibliographic output for a presentation is missing the meeting name and place, although I have this information entered in the info section. This is what Zotero produces:

Schumacher, K., Sun, W., Freudenthaler, T., Lamon, C., Wheeler, D., & Hubach, R. D. (2022, November 6). HPV vaccine disparities by rurality and race/ethnicity [Poster Presentation].

Here is what APA 7 style for a presentation reference (without a URL) should look like and a link to the source:

Contributor, A. A., Contributor, B. B., Contributor, C. C., & Contributor, D. D. (Year, Month Day). Title of contribution [Description of contribution]. Title of Symposium/Conference, Location.

For reference, here is a link to a document with a screenshot showing information entered for this source. APA 7 Presentation Reference.docx?dl=0

Thank you,
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