Problem with reference created manually


because Zotero does not create it the correct way, I've created a reference to a web page manually. For this, I clicked on "add standalone note".
The problem is, that when I try referencing to this web page in the text I'm writing, instead of adding the reference number, Zotero adds the URL to this web page in the text.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

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    Lots of missing information in your question:

    What bibliographic style are you using where the URL appears in-text?

    In what way does Zotero not create the reference in the "correct way"? Details please.

    How did you use Zotero to bring the webpage reference into your library?

    Please provide details of how you created the Zotero record manually -- What metadata in what fields?

  • Hello,

    1) I used Vancouver
    2) I wanted to cite from pages on a site called AOP-wiki ( Citations from these pages have to be created manually to contain correct information.
    The citation didn't appear as a number in the text, instead, a link to the web page appeared in the text.
    3) I used the function: "New standalone note" to create the citation manually and pasted the URL from the web page into the window that appears when clicking "new standalone note"

    Thank you for any help you can offer,

  • A note is for taking notes. It's not an item that you cite. Please read through Adding Items to Zotero to better understand how to use Zotero.
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