How often are CSL styles updated?

How often does Zotero update CSL styles? Are they updated only when the master file is changed, or periodically--every week, etc?
  • edited July 21, 2022
    They should be updated automatically in Zotero within ~15 minutes of changes being made to the styles. There's also a daily check in case the push-based update didn't happen for some reason. Are you seeing something different?
  • Thanks! No, the updates have been happening fine, I think.

    It's for my own purposes: I edited the Chicago full-note style temporarily and want my edits to last a few days/weeks. If the style is updated only when a change is made to the master file, this will work.

    But if the styles were updated, say, daily, to override any local changes, I'd have a problem. I'd have to create a separate style file with it's own id which would be more complicated.

    I am waiting on a feature to be added in the Zotero Integrator Obsidian plugin, and this is a temporary workaround.
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