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I'm currently having issues with how to complete the info section for papers that have been epublished but don't yet have volume/issue numbers.

For instance, one journal states they want the bibliography to look like this:
Author AB, Author CD. Title of paper published as Epub. Journal Title 2020. Epub 15 December.

I don't know how to edit the info section of the paper to reproduce the above. Can anyone help? If I manually edit the bibliography then every time I hit refresh I have to re-do it.
Thank you
  • This is still a problem for me - can anyone help?
  • Which journal is this for/which style are you using?
  • Multiple journals and multiple styles (and for my thesis). Currently I need it for American Medical Association 11th Edition for the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
    Thank you
  • Wow... I was hoping by now someone would have answered. I am having a similar problem.
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    I'll give this a shove to kickstart more details from the experts here. The problem I have is that, ePubs are presented differently in different styles. Thus, to facilitate proper style formatting, what metadata is placed (or not placed) in Zotero fields should differ somewhat based upon the CSL style(s) you will use. Some (most?) styles "know" how to handle ahead-of-print citations, but for this to be properly implemented; the Zotero metadata fields must be correctly filled-in. Different publishers provide ePub metadata in various degrees of completeness and terminology.

    What I do is _not_ necessarily what you should do. I know that I will need to edit the ePub bibliographic items in my final (post Zotero) manuscript version. This is because of what I choose to enter (or do not enter) in each of the Zotero fields in each Zotero library record.

    I overwrite the publisher-supplied volume, issue, and pagination metadata. I enter "ePub" in the volume and issue fields and leave the pagination field empty. I enter the publication date as the year of the ePub-ahead-of-print (knowing that the year may change upon the appearance 'in-print').

    There may be a better way to do this. If so, I'd love to have advice to better fit what is in my Zotero records with what the styles "want" to properly format the citations.

    @adamsmith Any comments?
  • Generally we determine ePub ahead of print status by the absence of volume and issue information in the metadata. That generally works pretty well. Not all citation styles even require a different citation for epub (author, title, journal title and DOI is all you need to uniquely and redundantly identify a paper, after all), so we can fix this on a per-citationstyle basis if people tell us the format required by a journal or manual for a given citation style.
  • Thank you for your advice on this (DWL-SDCA and adamsmith). This was very helpful. Just adding information in the "volume" field solved my problem.

    Have a great week!
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