Feature request: text-color in note editor

would it be possible to set back the option to make text of different colors in the notes? (Not the text-background, but the text itself)
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    ✅ Workarounds for the missing text color feature (Zotero 6):

    Open a word document (I'm using WPS Writer), write something, change its font color, copy and paste it into your Zotero Note. Now, you can modify it in Zotero's Note, it will keep its font color.

    b) From an existing Zotero Note with a colored text, copy the colored text and paste it into your Note. Now, you can modify it, it will keep its font color.

    A carriage return in the middle of the colored text will start a new colored paragraph.
    A carriage return at the end of a paragraph with colored text will start a new black paragraph.
    To have more than one color in a paragraph, copy a text with a different color and paste it into the paragraph. Now, you can modify it, it will keep its font color.

    ✅ Workarounds for the missing text highlights colors (Zotero 6):

    Zotero's Note text highlight color palette has only 5 colors.
    To add more highlight colors, the workarounds are similar to the workarounds for the missing text color feature. After you pasted a highlighted text with a highlight color not in the palette, the new color will be added to the palette.
  • philip123cook raised this a while ago in this thread, and Dan Stillman indicated that it's on the radar. I'm not sure how simple it is to implement in a ProseMirror environment, though.

    I have to admit that I hope it's moving up the priority list, as both block level and inline color is a really big part of how I use notes.
  • I use font colors to indicate what text is copied and pasted versus what is my writing and it makes it much faster to see and process to write lit reviews. Without font colors I've barely used zotero as I find myself needing way longer to orient myself.
  • Yes, for me too it is very important.
    It existed before. Why is this not possible with version 6?
  • The new note editor in version 6 uses a completely different "engine" than the old versions. Old versions used a note editor that was basically just a simple HTML editor, so anything you could do on a very simple web page you could do in the Zotero editor (including adding CSS formatting - which I did a lot!). The new editor is based on ProseMirror, which adds much more powerful features that allow for more sophisticated workflows - but it means everything needs to be created from scratch, and I assume there are more pressing concerns than implenting text colors and expanding highlight color palettes (certainly other people on these forums are clamoring for other features). (Switching to ProseMirror also means that we've lost the ability to add CSS.)

    I still hope expanded palettes and more formatting options are coming, though, as I'm still stuck on v5 until I can move my notes across without losing a huge amount of formatting, similar to sonjakirsten.
  • I also painfully miss this feature. Please restore at least some colors back!
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    One workaround is to copy the text of interest into "googledoc" and edit the color accordingly. The color transfers over to the Zotero note, unlike from Libre Office, Word or pdf.

    I just realized this after reading the thread to this forum. As well, even if I don't work in the US gov't, I don't want to touch the "WPS Writer" software. Hint.

    Otherwise, yes you can copy, paste and edit little fragments of formatted text between different Zotero notes.

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    In the latest Zotero beta, we've restored the ability to set text colors in notes. This change will be included in Zotero 6.0.22.
  • Thanks! This is a much appreciated step.
  • Text colors are available now in 6.0.22.
  • Thousand thanks !!!
  • I am delighted you have added font colors back to notes. New request: can you please expand the color palette? It would be great if it were at least the same colors as the tags. The old work-around of pasting in another font color from Word does not work anymore. Thank you!
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