Refer to a table or equation?

Is there any way to cite an equation or table?

You are able to do Figures and Pages but not Tables or Equations in the drop-down list.
I realise you can edit this manually but this means the citation does not update any changes automatically.
If this isn't an option, can it be? Especially as the function already exists, it just needs "Table" and "Equation" adding.
  • We'll likely add both eventually, yes, but you can do this using suffix, which keeps citations updating
  • Problem is that doesn't work for IEEE referencing (unless I am doing it wrong).
    For example:
    If I add the suffix ", Tab.3" for a table for my first citation I need it to display "[1, Tab.3]".

    What I actually get is "[1], Tab.3".

    Is this expected or am I doing it wrong?
  • Ah, your using IEEE? That's the one style where this doesn't work
  • Ah...considering what a hindrance this is for most engineering students (where IEEE is the primary referencing standard) could the addition of tables and equations be expedited please?
  • edited July 3, 2022
    I have a close-enough hack for this, until I have time to edit a style ...

    I need to reference certain Plates in a book. I use Artwork and then in Extra, I add:

    Container title: The South African drawings of William J. Burchell
    Place: Plate ZZZ (could use Table, Figure, whatever)
    Publisher: Witswatersrand University Press

    And the result is:
    Burchell, W. J. (1952). TEST ZOTERO Map showing Burchell’s route TEST ZOTERO. The South African drawings of William J. Burchell. Plate ZZZ: Witswatersrand University Press.

    You have to change it for every referencing style, because sometimes the place and publisher are the other way around, plus add the Plate / Table / Figure number in the suffix - but for right now, it works!
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