Zotero NOT recognizing second drive

I have a second Nvme drive in my system and Zotero doesn't recognize this drive rather, my OS drive only. This needs to be addressed. I want to be able to move my Library to my second harddrive however Zotero doesn't recognize my second drive to move my library.

Can the Devs address this?
  • I don't know what you mean by "Zotero doesn't recognize this drive".

    What exactly are you trying to do and what's happening? We need both things here:

  • Well, I copied the my library drive (ubuntu 22.04) to my other drive. however, in zotero preferences, when I want to point to my library (default, or other), zotero doesn't show that drive present. it's a 2TB NVME drive, where I keep my research.

    I want to get my library off my OS drive.
  • It's just a system filepicker. If you're using a third-party package of Zotero with sandboxing, you wouldn't see other drives.
  • I'm using the flathub version. Ok, I found out about an app called flatseal, so i was able to set the required permissions for my flathub version of Zotero. Basically allowing Zotero permission to system files etc basically. Zotero wasn't able to see drive D; until after I used the FLATSEAL app.

    I moved my library over to my D drive, pointed Zotero to the folder on D drive, all is good in the world again.

    If folks use the flathub version of Zotero, I advise them to install flatseal, to allow users to set permission for their flathub apps.
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