Zotero 6 - text colour in notes option question

Dear All, I'm impressed with the changes in Zotero 6. However, I can no longer find an option for changing text colour in the new notes layout (I see the highlight text option). Is this available somewhere in the new release? If not, can I request it to be returned please as this was an important part of my workflow. Thank you.
  • Text color will be available again soon.
  • Thanks, it would be great to have back this option.
  • Great! Thanks for your wonderful job! I love zotero and the colour in the notes was a tool that I used very much!
  • On the same topic, I noticed that with the new version, if I copy/paste a text from my Zotero note into a Word document (which I do a lot), the highlights do not appear, whereas before, the highilght colours appeared. If a word or sentence is in bold in zotero and I copy/paste it, it will remain in bold, but if it's highlighted in, say, yellow, it doesn't remain highlighted. Do you know why and can you fix it? That was very, very useful (just as text color - I'm happy this will be back soon).
  • Text color is still not available today, it's almost July.
  • Yes, text colour would be very much appreciated!
  • Dear @dstillman, thanks again for offering to return the text colour function. I wonder if there is a timeline for the return of this function please?
  • Would it be possible to reintroduce this function please?
  • Yes, I'm waiting for this function, very important for me.
    It was available in Zotero 5 but not in 6.
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