Can you add a field to a book citation?

a colleague of mine asked the following question and provided an example. i searched the forums and didn't find an answer, so i'm posting his original question here. any guidance on this issue will be very appreciated. thank you!
"Is there a way to put in the original publication information for reprints? For example, a 2015 reprint of a 1911 book. The citation may look like it is up-to-date when it is actually out of date. I can put the date as 2015 (1911) but the bibliography will be formatted without the original publication information. I suppose I could use the notes field and manually add it, but I'm wondering if I can just insert fields into into Zotero with the information."
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    You didn't tell us the style you are using but I believe that this will work with most styles:

    put the original date into the Extra field as original-date: 1911

    The bibliography should be formatted properly with both dates included.
  • my colleague said it was Chicago that they were using. thank you for your help!
  • You can also do in Extra:
    Original date: 1911

    If you need more than the year or a date range, enter them like this:
    Original date: 1911-04-30/1911-09-25
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