How do I have all the authors displayed by default in the main Zotero window (vs. et al.)?

Apologies if this has already been asked; everything I could find was with regards to citation styles in papers, not in the main program display.

Zotero abbreviates long author lists in its own display using the standard "et al.". However, sometimes if I'm looking at a folder of papers I want to see the full author list of all of them at a glance (say, to be reminded that a first author on a paper was also 3rd on another related work.) Is there a way to have Zotero show authors this way?

I use a slightly modified APA 6th (one that doesn't put issue numbers in by default) as my word processor integration style, not sure if that's relevant to this issue.
  • I don't think there is, no, sorry.
  • Okay, thanks. That would be a nice feature to add, then.
  • It will be much easier to get to know the last author with this feature. Please add it.
  • edited June 21, 2022
    We generally don't add fields that can be unbounded in length to the items list.
  • Last author has been requested a number of times before, though, so making that available somehow (separate column, elipses) is worth a consideration.
  • edited June 21, 2022
    Today I imported a letter to the editor that has more than 600 authors. The letter itself is only about 250 words.
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