how to use dialog of tag repair?

1. using Zotero V5 it crashes every time I marked an item.
1. Updating to V6 it seems to be stable. But still there is an error found in the upper line about tags which use too many letters and the possibility to repair (reasons for the crashes in V5=)
A dialogue appears with the tag ((ca. 400 letters) separated by ", ". I can divide, edit or delete. So far so good.
I want to divide by ", " - nothing happens. tries same result using "," only. Pressing "edit" shows the text again in the editor (after some tries). I edit into separate lines but "the button! save tag! does not react. Pressing "divide" empties the editor again.
The remark about tags which must be marked to get saved is _not_ clear (where? Mark in the 1. field or in the editor?)
What and how to do?!
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