Sort items by full date [Feature request?]

Hi all,
is there a way to sort items by full date? (I mean also months and days, not just years).

If not, can you please add it? It would be a huge aid for those who work with newspaper articles!
  • There are ~30 different columns to sort items by, not counting additional ones that plugins can add. You just have to right-click on the column headers and choose/add or remove whatever you want to sort on, if you are in Zotero 6. Just choose Date there, and left-click on the newly added Date header to sort. Clicking twice will sort in the opposite order.

    In Zotero 5, it was via a clickable button to the right of the column headers.
  • how to sort items by attachment access date?hao to create and define it as column order?can zotero developer help resolve??
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    Using the date column to sort only takes into account the year.
    I have a subcollection of quite recent articles, all from 2021 and 2022 and it would be useful to me to quickly understand which ones were published earlier.
    Zotero only sorts by year, thus the ones from 2021 appear before the ones from 2022.
    However, among the articles from 2022 no further sorting is applied; you can therefore get an article from June appear before one from January.
    This is not how I would expect date sorting to work.
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    @dcrucio: I'm not sure why you think that. If you sort by the Date or Year column, it will sort using the full date, as long as it was parsed properly (which you can see by looking at the y/m/d indicator next to the date field in the info pane or hovering over the date value).

    If you think you're not seeing that, start a new thread and provide a link to a screenshot that shows what you're describing.
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