document spacing reverts to single spacing after editing citation

Not sure if this is a 2.0 related bug or not, and perhaps it's not really a bug afterall, but it's annoying having to re-double space my document after each citation edit. I've changed the bibliography spacing to double, and that works fine now, but this issue concerns the main test.

I'm using openoffice on XP, and I believe I have the latest plugins for zotero and openoffice integration.

Interestingly, a quick way to re-double space the paragraph is to just use the delete key to move the paragraph up to the previous paragraph. At that point, it seems to adopt the formatting of the previous paragraph (which is double spaced), and then I can just hit enter again to make it a new paragraph.

thanks for an excellent piece of software btw!
  • "main test" should read "main text"
  • modify the default style in Ooo (Click on the box that says "Styles and Formatting" then right click on Default and select modify. Adapt that style to whatever you want - that's the style the Zotero reverts the paragraph to.
  • ah fantastic - worked perfectly. thanks :)
  • This is in the documentation as:
    just hard to find still - I'll try tagging this to work better with searches.
  • In the previous version, I did not have this issue until I updated to the beta. Modifying the style is ok with me except that the bibliography is now formatted incorrectly because it is following the same style. The paper is supposed to be double-spaced and the biblography is supposed to be single-spaced.

    There were some great improvements to the beta version so major kudos for your work.
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