2FA for Zotero account


Happy new year Zotero team, I'm wishing you the best for 2020 :)

Is there any plan to add 2FA for the Zotero accounts?

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    I would find 2FA horribly inconvenient because I don't have confidential material in my Zotero library and I have my computer and tablet password protected and securely in my possession. At work, if I'm away from my desk even for a moment I place my computer into a state that requires my password to gain access. Although over the years I've devoted literally thousands of hours to my Zotero library, I have backups that protect me from loss.

    Do you want 2FA each time the local Zotero program is opened?
    Do you want 2FA every time your local Zotero syncs?
    Do you want 2FA every time access / edit your online library? Local library?
    Every time you add records using the iOS version?
    If not every time, how long should the idle interval be before the system times out and you need to logon again with 2FA?

    If this is seriously considered by the developers, please, please make it optional.

  • Yes, if 2FA were to be implemented, it would make sense to make it optional.

    As for the specific questions about implementation, most of my online accounts these days have 2FA implemented in such a way that, on a given device or browser. one only has to enter a 2FA code the first time one logs in. I assume the same could happen with Zotero.

    2FA helps prevent hacking. If my Zotero account were to be hacked, there would be the danger that valuable information could be lost and confidential information could be accessed.
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