new plugin announcement - MarkDB-Connect

edited June 8, 2022
I recently released a plugin that closes the loop between Zotero and markdown databases like Obsidian, logseq and Zettlr. It's starting to have less of an alpha-release flavor, so I wanted to ask about posting it on the plugins wiki. Is that something you can help with, @dstillman?

Basic functionality:
A number of excellent tools pull information from your local Zotero database to markdown databases like Obsidian, logseq, and Zettlr. The MarkDB-Connect plugin makes it easy to see which Zotero items you've made markdown notes for, and open those notes in your markdown editor. The plugin adds a colored tag to Zotero items that are associated with markdown files, and lets you directly jump to markdown files from the contextual menu of tagged Zotero items.
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