Auto Sync intermittantly deletes the last few words of text in a note.....

While entering text into a note sometimes, e.g. a few times a day, the last few words disappear before my eyes. I checked the little green sync symbol (top right in Zotero) and indeed an auto sync with my online Zotero account had just taken place a few seconds before.

At the moment in my project I am entering a lot of text and making a lot of notes so maybe this has never really been seen before.

I had used manually syncing but after making mistakes when switching computers switched back to auto sync.
So long as it is the last five words or so , I can live with it, but I thought it should be flagged as a possible bug....or maybe someone has some advice on what to do.
  • There's a known issue where some text in the embedded note of an attachment (the note box that you see when an attachment is selected) can be lost when the PDF is indexed. Are you referring to that kind of note, or regular child notes?

    If the latter, and you can reproduce this happening, we'd want to see a Debug ID that covers it. If it's harder to reproduce, you can leave that running, clear it periodically (to limit the amount of data that's logged, which makes it harder to read), and submit it as soon as the problem occurs.
  • OK, noted. It refers to child notes.
    I am now running in debug mode.
    As soon as it appears I'll submit it.....could be a while though.
  • OK happened just now (2020-03-30 @ 19:35), was typing a sentence in a child note and suddenly several words at the beginning of the line I was typing disappeared.
    The debug mode was on and and was submitted. The Debug ID is D316541557.
  • Revisiting this issue:
    This is happening to text entered in an item - e.g: title, author.
    Sync appears to be causing new text to be deleted.
    Version: 6.0.8 on Linux Mint.

    Do I need to adjust services.sync.scheduler.idleInterval, services.sync.scheduler.idleTime or services.sync.scheduler.immediateInterval?

    A couple of us went into this issue with Emiliano thinking it was caused by .bib export but the idle wait seems to be working properly now with BBT and so I suspect it is the sync causing the deletions.
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