Can Zotero fetch meta data based on title of journal?

I have used BibTex and LaTex so far (google scholar based) but they lack a lot of meta data. Is there some way to automate gathering that data?
  • The answer is probably no, but could you say a bit more about what you're trying to do? E.g. do you actually mean *journal title* or do you mean *article title*?
    At what scale are you trying to do this? What metadata do you find missing from google scholar?
  • Of course :) I meant article title. I know there is a way to fetch meta data based on PDF but I couldn't find anything for the title only.

    So I wrote my thesis with bibtex in latex about 230 references. Turns out my uni has there own citation style and I have to add a lot of meta data (DOI, abbreviated journal name etc.). So I imported my bibtex file to zotero and wanted to try to automise getting the meta data neeed.

  • For DOIs, use the DOI Manager add-on:

    Journal abbreviations -- are you going to re-export to BibTeX? If so, the Better BibTeX add-on can add journal abbreviations based on Zotero's built-in automation.
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