Delete hundreds of redundant PDF files inside Zotero storage folder

My overarching goal is to move my linked files into the Zotero storage folder and then use WebDAV to sync files. I want to use WebDAV because the iPad Zotero app supports it. I think I know how to do this, but ...

the problem is that hundreds of redundant PDFs are still inside the Zotero storage folder. Not sure why. These files are redundant, the desktop app does not seem to know they exist, because they do not show up when opening a record in Zotero. I am using linked attachments. I want to delete the redundant PDFs in the Zotero storage folder before moving the thousands of valuable PDFs currently stored in the linked attachment base directory into the Zotero storage folder.

How to proceed?
  • You're sure they're not part of a group, say? Since groups don't use linked files, any attachments you have for items in groups would be in your storage folder.

    If you're completely certain your items are orphaned from Zotero, you can search for PDFs in the storage folder using your operating system and then just delete them all.
  • Oh yes! I forgot the group library. Thank you for reminding me.

    After leaving the group, the Zotero storage folder contained only a handful of PDFs, which were easy to deal with.
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