How to force/trigger sync for specific item attachments when using WebDAV?

I am using WebDAV server for storing my attachments. Sometimes, some attachments do not get uploaded. There seems to be no fixed pattern; just some item attachments do not get uploaded while most do get uploaded. Even when I try clicking on the green sync button, they don't get uploaded.

What I ultimately have to do is to change their file name in some manner, and then Zotero detects that change, and then uploads those attachments.

Is there any way to force/trigger this sync? I know we can reset the sync by going into Preferences -> Sync -> Reset, but that resets and syncs the whole library. How to do it for some specific items?
  • This is for a newly added file? That should always be uploaded.

    If you can reproduce it not happening, we'd want to see a Debug ID for adding the file and having it not get uploaded on the next sync.
  • Okay, I will try to reproduce and get back.

    Moreover, I think it happened for the old files, which were already there before I did my webDAV setup. All new items' attachments seem to be uploaded.
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