After 6.0 update, all files were removed from zotero

After my Zotero updated to the newest version, all the files were removed from my computer program. However, I can see the files are still located on my computer. How can I make Zotero recognize these files?
  • It's extremely unlikely that the update did anything to your data, but you may have done something outside of Zotero. See Locating Missing Zotero Data.
  • Solved! Thank you.
  • What was the issue, out of curiosity?
  • It didn't recognize the correct directory. I had two on my computer for some reason, first one didn't have any storage folder, which was where Zotero was originally connected. Switching to the correct directory resolved everything.
  • OK, assuming the other was an empty data directory — i.e., just a 1 MB or 5 MB zotero.sqlite, 'styles' and 'translators' folders, and not much else — I'd recommend deleting it to avoid future confusion. Also, if the data directory that actually contains your data is in a custom location, you may want to consider moving it to the default location ("Zotero" in your home folder).
  • Thank you! It was still in a Zotero folder...the empty directory was oddly named "Zotero default" I'll remove it to prevent confusion.
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